Verdict: I should have watched this way before (500) Days of Summer - they're equally good!

This is a movie about the memory erasure.

Of course, it's a science fiction but when this blends with the 'romance' element - it was quite a good end product.

A couple had a bad quarrel - they went for memory erasure programme, separately, to erase the memory of their partner - which acts as a instant way to move on for breakup.

Most of the story happened in the guy's mind - in which the memory erasure was taking place.

(To be more detail, when the memory erasure happened, the memory of the guy and his girl friend will be replayed - before it falls apart)

So you can see how the guy became resistant to the fading memory - cos he realised that it is important.

Movie pace wise, it's slightly slower than "(500) Days of Summer" but the winning part is the idea - to me, I'll comprehend it as:

Even if you erase the memory away - the feeling, the attraction, the passion won't go far from the 'original design' - cos that's you yourself.

So, accept the fact before you want to do any 'modification'

Rating: 9/10