Title: 12 Hours
Lyrics: 2010

Short notes: Finally - a piece of work that I call it a 'milestone'. Ever since I know music composition about 12 years ago, I never thought I could make a piece of music with 'complete instruments'

So in this song, 3 basic but essential instruments were used - Piano, Drums & Bass.

Glockenspiel was added for some 'kiddy touch' (I can't quite explain what was that, but it was a replacement for the electronic guitar)

Best of all - I don't know how to play any of the instruments mentioned above.

So thanks to music notation software Sibelius, that made all these possible.

Notation was hard, but thanks to Google, I managed to find the proper chords & notation.

This song was inspired by a friend - she wasn't quite happy in her life (though one may think she is happy) .

"12 Hours" means the time I spent waiting for her reply (I sent a text and asked her how's she), it could also mean that "12 Hours" is a very short moment.

etc etc.

Download (Instrumental)

Sitting here on my own,
Writing this little song.
Tried to call your telephone,
Then I'll be 12 hours old.

Searching for the perfect soul,
Or maybe soul mate that could make you grow
For every pieces of life it seems
It's worth the 12 hours old

I saw the metaphor,
Another story that had made you fall.
Life isn't short at all.
Another 12 hours is gone

Tried to send the message dove,
Returning home only at the dawn
Oh Lord I think I've lost the count
I guess it's 12 hours lost

(Chorus - no backing vocal though :P)
Am I gonna sing this song,
Like I've never done before?
Maybe you should feel life,
Like how it is really meant to be.

Aren't you gonna feel bored,
For being sad - did you really check the clock?
Sky is gonna feel bright in another
12 hours more
(Chorus ends)

You said you'll fly,
Like a bird with no legs on
But trust your eyes
You'll see more than just life


lazylum said...

waha, gao dim jor wor!
getting more and more works done!
I need to buckle down and make some achievements too! XD

Trevor said...

Darry: let's do it, mate ;)

If I can, I believe you can too!