A few friends talked to me lately about their job interviews.

Then I gave them some opinions, that I think it's a bit interesting to share:

1) When you go for job interview, take it as "the company needs your help/skill/experience to do the job" not because "you need the job, without it, you have no other options"

2) Being landed a job is like creating a win-win situation: the company gives you a good environment, good salary, so that you are motivated to help the company to grow.

3) (This is applicable if only you think you have good working attitude) One of your selling point could be your working attitude, that's the reason why you are worth the higher salary, and of course, worth for the company.

4) You can try to relate your previous job experience, and then, relate to the current job - tell them that your past experience is not in vain - they help you to be experience enough/suitable for this new job

5) Without having mutual understanding of the above 4 points, you can roughly tell that the company won't appreciate you - so you should go for the company that appreciates you. (i.e. that can have mutual understanding of the above 4 points)