That's how I take care of her, sometimes :-3

So till the very today, I still have no idea what's her real name.

Let's just call her rainbow this time (for she has a rainbow colour ribbon on her neck)

In the past one month, I not only introduced her to my bear band "The Bears",

I also brought her to Singapore and had a KL night view.

Last but not least, she was reluctant to leave us - but well, she belongs to Trevor's friend.

She'll have to go back to home one day, too!

See ya Miss Rainbow.

I'm not sure when we'll meet again, but let's hope it'll be real soon!

P/S: Do you still remember that, we might have the chance to travel around the world? When you're ready, please let me know!

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ront said...

郭彩虹 is her name....hehehe