It's time to introduce this little addictive Chinese typing tools, which I've been testing in the past two months.

The reason is because it's a lot improvement over the Microsoft's PinYin. With that old-without-update software, you need to press "space bar" key while you type.

I'm here to demonstrate the convenience. The 3 examples I've shown below - are typing out all without pressing a single space bar

"I've no comment on Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai"

"The Hobbits love to watch Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away"

If it comes to the word which Google PinYin can't recognise as you type, you can use the selection option to get the right selection... The sentence I typed was "Be exhausted for 1 billions years while loving you for ten thousands years"

You can also do your customised type setting. For example, when I type tmd, it'll show "his/her mother's". If I type zo, it'll become Cantonese's 咗, which means "already"

This customised dictionary is tied to your Google account. Which means it'll upload the dictionary and if you login in another machine, you can use the dictionary again.

If you have the Google PinYin turned on, you can switch between English and Chinese typing by just pressing "Shift" key once.

You can read the rest of functions on Google's site
Best of all, Google PinYin is FREE. Get one to try today ;)


P/S: I asked my sis (she's been using it for one month) what will happen if I uninstall Google PinYin from her comp, she said she'll wallop me.


Darry said...

Thanks for your nice review! recommended to my fren and i think he love this handy tool too ;)

ZMiN said...

Thum He Lin, in case you don't know it, no-life people like me check your blog almost every other day to see if you updated. Ahahaha, so please lar, update a bit.

And as for the google toolbar thingy, it really looks pretty rad... i'll try it the nxt time i format my comp ok ahaks

Nick said...

I too am a big fan of Google Pinyin, but I haven't yet found a way to input certain "dialect characters" such as mo5, lei4/lai4, keui5, and so on. If only there were a Cantonese Yale input system....

Anonymous said...

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