Yesterday I started two monthly donations

1) Sponsoring a kid in a country

I called up the company and asked which of the 4 countries needed the most (they have Bati (Vietnam), Indonesia, Thailand & China in the list), the person in charge said it's Indonesia.

Hence, I chose an Indonesian kid as the child I'd like to sponsor.

You can start doing it by clicking here

Thanks to my friend Jen for giving me the idea (she sponsored a child in Vietnam)

2) WWF 'Our Living Planet' Fund

What triggered me was the recent volcano eruption & earthquake activities - the earth is no longer healthy.

While I don't think I can really do much, but what I can do, is to donate some money to a group of specialists, who have the know-how on how to protect/save our planet

You can start doing it by clicking here

The 'bonus' part is, this donation will be part of your tax relief in the coming year's income tax filing :-)

Thanks to TC for the idea, she's been donating to WWF fund since 2008


What I did is very little.
But when many people do it - the 'little' will become 'a lot'.