Verdict: Solid performance from the actors+actress, solid depiction of Hong Kong (ordinary) citizen's life in 60's/70's era - an ordinary but unforgettable movie of the year

This is a movie about the life of an ordinary family, living in the end of 60's/early 70's.

The story couldn't be simpler - it tells how the family strive for a living (here we're not even talking about decent living), how the family hope for their son to excel and how, as the time goes by, they actually lose everything - in a way.

The story was also made simple because, at times, the story is being told from a child's point of view.

This movie also raised an undeniable suffering faced by every ordinary Hong Kong citizen during that time - corruption.

Actors, especially the child, delivered very very solid performance - it was as if we were peeping (instead of watching) a kid living in that era - what I mean is, he acted so naturally that I forgot that he's just an actor.

Some say, this movie is actually the movie director's childhood experience - perhaps that's the reason why the story looks very realistic.

The only drawback I'd comment about the movie is the depiction of Hurricane Betty - yes the scene looked too exaggerated but this is not a movie about CG - so I guess it's still forgivable.

The conclusion I got from the movie is to appreciate what you have around you - it's never too late to appreciate, starting from now.

Be prepared to bring a packet of tissue paper - you might cry in the cinema (but I didn't :P)

Rating: 9.5/10