Just when you think I've retired - you've no idea what have I been doing lately.

I went to Ipoh in February, and last month, I went to Singapore.

Actually, it's the first time I went out of Malaysia since 2007 and it was also the first time I brought a friend to go overseas! (FYI, I brought Sebastian, my lil bro for Europe trip in year 2005)

So this rainbow bear... I don't quite know what's her exact name.

I've been probing her, and all she answered was "Eh..." "ryjdk" "kar" (I don't quite know what it means) so Erica was the name I made up for her. (it's easier than to say "rainbow bear"

Btw, she's 7 years old last year, not sure what star sign is hers but I guess she's a Taurus.

Since I've been to Singapore 3 years ago, I brought her to places, one of it was Raffles Place (with blurred out Esplanade at the back)

Blurred us and the clear Merlion (stupid photographer, i.e. Trevor)

Clear us but blurred out Merlion (stupid photographer, again)

Last but not least, my favorite photo

Next morning we went to Vanilla cafe (Boon Tat street) to meet up some friends from Japan. We were honoured to have a slight moment of being the 'luxurious bear'

This is the breakfast that Trevor ordered. We were on diet so we chose only to see.

Acting busy selecting items from menu

My individual photo

Finally, managed to meet up some (robot) friends from Japan.

Sentosa Island, it seems Erica was amazed by the view around.

Universal Studio Singapore. (I was slightly distracted by an object from the upside.)

At night, we went to Clarke Quay

High Court

At Marina Barrage, good view of Singapore buildings.

Overall, a long overdue + unforgettable trip for me.

I hope Erica had fun!