Title: Random II
Music: 2008
Lyrics: 2008 - 2010 (still unfinished)

Short Note: Somewhere in 2008, I had idea of this song - something psychedelic, something random, something contradicting.

The melody was 'written' on the spot, but the lyrics were never completed (even for now)

So, little by little, I completed about 35% of the lyrics below (most of the time I 'wrote' the lyrics when I was walking on the street)

And yesterday, I talked to a friend about this, and this friend's 'existence' sort of force-inspired me to complete the rest of them. (and this friend wanted to claim full credit for it, well, so be it)

Music wise, I'd say it's another small milestone - I had used drum sample from Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows, then guitar part, I used my acoustic guitar, with DSP effect by Magix Vandal VST + Waves various plugins = some nice electronic guitar effect.

I won't deny the music style (It's still my first attempt) is heavily influenced by Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows - but I have a good feeling of perfecting it :)


I was on setting sun,
What had I done last night?

Another kind of crime,
My soul is purified.

(lalalalalala X n)

I was on swimming gown,
I climbed a mountain high.

Another sunny sky,
With rain drops touch the ground.