Verdict: Refreshing and soulful voice from this 20 year-old young Brit

1. "Devil's Spoke" – 3:40
2. "Made by Maid" – 2:51
3. "Rambling Man" – 3:16
4. "Blackberry Stone" – 3:28
5. "Alpha Shallows" – 3:42
6. "Goodbye England" – 3:45
7. "Hope in the Air" – 4:32
8. "What He Wrote" – 4:07
9. "Darkness Descends" – 3:40
10. "I Speak Because I Can" – 3:59

Song title in bold italic are my favorite tracks

I haven't heard her first album - but this album blown my mind away.

The vicissitude feel in "Devil's Spoke" and "I Speak Because I Can" was great that you can feel as if Laura is playing the guitar singing in the middle of desert.

I felt "Made by Maid" and "Rambling Man" are the quite the same, so I gave my favoritism over the Rambling Man - as the tune has more diversity.

"Goodbye England" gave me the feel of a person sitting in the train leaving the snowy England to somewhere with more sunshine.

"Blackberry Stone" and "What He Wrote" gave some 'down' feeling but it wasn't so bad.

Darkness Descend doesn't sound dark as it seems - more like a dancing tune at the late evening beside the fire - before the last track "I Speak Because I Can" close the album beautifully.

Rating: 8.5/10