I signed up as organ donor today (just sent out the form via snail mail)

I thought like, I've been fortunate to live till today.

If I have a healthy body, I should donate my healthy organs when I die one day, to the people who would need it.

When I discussed with my family about my decision, my mum was a bit shocked cos I suddenly mentioned about this thing.

But they supported my decision.

Therefore, from today onwards, I should take care of my body so that I'll have healthy organs - so that the patient who accepted the transplantation programme won't go for yet another round of suffering.

And with that, I told my family, so that, one day if I die, I get to live in another way.

If you are interested to become an organ donor, please click here


ront said...

alcohol destroy liver

the clown said...

bears mind destroy brain

Trevor said...

ront: i've reduced a lot already la... somemore i've always stressed that i'm a person who prefers plain water ;)

clown: destroy brain so... ? it's not the 'item' to be transplanted, though