Last night I had a very weird dream - I dreamed that I'm gonna get sentenced to death (for dunno what reason)

All my family members accepted the truth.

None of us cried.

All of us talked to each other like normal.

I walked into a very huge house, my mind told me that I'll need to find an 'animated painting' in one of the rooms for redemption.

The 'animated painting' will be deemed invalid if the 'animated person' in the middle of the painting 'vanish'

I found the paintings in several room, and the 'animated person' went missing before I took the painting from the wall.

Feeling frustrated, but again, there was one thought struck my mind: "Well, too bad that I haven't got me and my friend's CV done'


While I think it's a bit complicated to write the analysis of this dream, but it seems, after all, my life is still ok so far..? :P


ront said...

animated painting sounds awfully similar to rowling's potty books

Trevor said...

ya.. come to think about it... yeah :D