I had two dreams yesterday:

Dream #1

I was entering my house, a very big house, with a friend.

But the house was quite empty.

The stadium lights (yes, that's how huge my house was) were on and some parts of the house seem old.

There's a swimming pool in the middle of the house, but the water seemed dirty.

I tried to find a song from my CD collections, but was unable to.

Dream #2

This was a rather cheerful one.

A friend of mine sent me an MMS of the short video she made, based on Fish Leong's 宁夏.

i.e. 宁夏 MV with a small circle of her own video, doing all the silly actions to make her boyfriend laugh.


Dream#1 might be a small alarm of my relationship with my parents or my friends - but there weren't anything unusual happening lately, or maybe, it means loneliness :-/

Dream#2 There has been a hope (which was a rather small one) for a friend who hasn't been happy in the relationship, to at least feel satisfied of things that her bf had done.

Her effort to make this video to please her bf might be a little outcome that I subconsciously hoped for :P