So this morning, I dreamed that I was walking on the street.

Suddenly, a girl who was riding a bicycle, tried to overtake me and unfortunately, 'squeezed' between me and a car beside me.

The green color paint from the car was on her skirt (for whatever reason)

Then, she quarreled with me.

Suddenly, Louis Koo appeared and eased the situation.

She was then talking to Louis and ignored me.

Then I continued walking, but with a mission, to search for my car, which I parked but I couldn't find.

I walked around and round again, still unable to find my car.

Louis, apparently, got bored talking to her, 'disappeared'

Then this girl started to talk to me, in a nice way.

Then we talked about star sign, she said she's a Sagittarius.

I was like thinking 'no wonder so much things to talk about, and no wonder so hot tempered'

Then suddenly she said she's interested on me

I was like thinking 'alright, another sagi's character - dare to love, dare to tell'

But I was also thinking 'But Sagi is not compatible with Virgo'

So I didn't respond to her.

I changed the topic and I forgot what was the rest of the things we said.



The quarreling part, was because yesterday, I was outside yamchar with two girls - and of course, had some 'shooting session' among us.

For the Sagi vs Virgo part, probably, subconsciously, I've always wanted to find a 'perfect match' (that's being a Virgo, a perfectionist) but, sometimes, perfect doesn't always means it's good.