Ever since my sis changed from Digi to Maxis (last year July) Maxis had been sending this bill - due to some amount due during the conversion (or whatever)

So, while her and my father's lines are my sub-lines, we used the e-statement (save the paper, save the earth, save the additional RM5 spent on hardcopy)

Therefore I've been ignoring this statement.

Yesterday, I called up the customer service, and I got this confirmation - as long as I don't pay that RM2.55, Maxis will forever send me this bill.

I questioned back "OK, how can we settle that? cos the paper and postage you spent are already more than the cost of RM2.55"

He said "you can pay by credit card"

For once I felt it's a bit silly to be charged RM2.55 on my credit card, I asked him "Can you put into my e-statement?"

He said "No"

Then I asked "Can you help me to waive this? Since I've called up and make Maxis aware about this issue that doesn't really make sense"

He checked with his superior and got back to me with the statement "Since you are a good customer, we'll waive that RM2.55 for you"

(the following are the gems)

Me: So means I'm not gonna get the RM2.55 bill from next month onwards right?
Him: You're still gonna get one last bill.
Me: What is it? and why?
Him: The last bill will tell you that you don't owe us anything, anymore
Me: What?! A bill to tell me that I have RM0.00 owing to Maxis?
Him: Yes
Me: Can you... help me to waive that RM0.00 hardcopy too?
Him: No
Me: OK.... -_-


Moral of the story:
1) Big organisation does have some stupid policy - it is the process that make him strong, but sometimes, rigid as well
2) Communication is important, many problem can be solved with just one phone call.