Verdict: Two things: "This is the best example of 3D movie went wrong" + "I've just watched another action movie"

Frankly speaking - there's nothing - really NOTHING worth mentioning at all, about this movie's 3D.

It's a cheap render of 3D, there's not much of 3D feel to me - and what's worse, I think it created some motion-blurriness for those action scene.

Story wise, I think it's quite OK - especially for those who do not know much about Greek mythology or those who had watched the original "Clash of the Titans".

Effect wise - it's OK but nothing much to shout about - it's just another action movie with the effect that you felt familiar with other Hollywood action movie (with computer generated graphic, of course)

In case you plan to watch this movie, please DO NOT WATCH 3D version

So, unfortunately, I've gotta give this movie a special rating:

Rating: 4/10 (was 6/10, but minus 2 because of the cheap 3D rendition)