74KG means a total of 4KG lost

1) Sleep at least 7 hours a day (at least 50% on target) To Further Improve!
2) Drink at least 3 litres of fluid a day (at least 90% on target) PASSED!
3) At least a type of fruits a day (at least 98% on target) PASSED!
4) Less than 3 beer sessions a month (only had 2 sessions) PASSED!
5) 70KG by next CNY (currently 74KG - with 4KG lost) PASSED!
6) Less than 2 fast food per month PASSED! (1 session utilised - the pork burger @ Ninja Joe)
7) To have dinner before 8PM (at least 90% on target) PASSED!

Feeling great?



teechong said...

other than good for u dude what more can i say??

syun said...

Congratulations!! =))

Trevor said...

@Teechong & @syun: Thanks! :D

Ai Ling said...

thumb up