WAG54G2 is a wireless ADSL router that I bought three weeks ago.

I'm OK with the version 1.00.15, but let's see what will the new version, released 22/5/09 can make it better :)

Annex A version
Annex B version

FW version: 1.00.16
Release Date: May 22, 2009
Change list :
1. Dut can't connect to pppoe server under multi-pppoe server environment.
2. (IR-B0010402) Change VendorName to ¡°Linksys by Cisco¡±.
3. (IR-B0010613) HNAP Implementation: if user change the wireless WPA/WPA2 key to "123abc!@#"(contains symbols) after factory default, wireless client cannot connect to DUT.
4. (IR-B0010616) HNAP Implementation: GetWanSettings() will return wrong format of DNS address which is assigned by server.
5. (IR-B0010512)HNAP Implementation,WAG160Nv2:When DUT's admin password is not default "admin" and remote management is enabled, DUT should return "ERROR" if user call SetDeviceSettings() to change the password back to "admin", but now it returns "OK" and the password is changed.
6. Security issue. " When a user is logged in using web interface, it can get root privileges at the underlying OS. It can be done through a cratfed HTTP POST request."(Eric's mail on 3/19)
7. (IR-C0000719) WAG54G2 with Xbox360 network adapter dose not connect wireless via the official Microsoft adapter.

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