KFC did it again... with a failed product.
I don't need mention how many products they have invented on fried chicken - every time they intro the 'new spicy flavour' (such as spicy curry chicken), the spicy fried chicken would become the victim - retire for a while, then when the new product doesn't sell, the spicy fried chicken would come to the market again.

OK, this time, their tagline is ‘So Authentic. Even the Thais Want It’.

So I tried it like two weeks ago - it was the sweetest green curry I've ever tried in my life.

Thai green curry, in my opinion, is supposed to be spicy + slightly salty.

This KFC's case, the sweetness is like dominating 30% of the total taste, with 65% spiciness + 5% saltiness.

So my recommendation? If free, DIY to cook green curry chicken, on your own.

Your cooking will easily taste better than KFC - no joke.