Verdict: While the funny scene has gone stale, you can still watch it if you have nothing to do.

As the fourth instalment of Ice Age series, you can feel that the story has become tiresome.

With the story about continental drift (indicating global warming?), I hope this should mark the end of ice age (yes, I mean both the actual Ice Age and this movie series)

The problem is this: I don't really find the squirrel - Scrat, that funny anymore.

It is still cute as last time, but I somehow felt tired of watching it doing all the stuns/disasters.

Compared to Madagascar 3, it lacks some kind of elements that keeps you interested about the storyline.

Both talked about team work value, but in Ice Age 4, somehow I feel that they were doing their tasks separately (or maybe independently)

Both have villains - but in Ice Age 4, I thought to have a monkey as the captain of the pirate (ice) ship was not convincing at all.

Both have wishy-washy character (Madagascar 3 being the Vitaly the Russian tiger and for Ice Age 4 being the Shira, the sabre-tooth cat) that turnaround the outcome of the story - but I felt that Shira was wishy washy unconvincingly.

So end up, a movie that doesn't give you the 'wow' factor, but however, give you some occasion laugh - which is the main purpose of Ice Age series.

Rating: 5.5/10