Looking at the news on IFA 2012, and my continued usage of Windows 8 - I am more and more convinced that Windows 8 (and RT) are meant for tablet.

I like the Metro Modern UI/display - it is informative, it is like the gadgets of Android, gives you updated information, customized the way you want.

The usage gesture is somewhat unique to its own - such as pulling out the charm bar, closing the apps, pulling the loaded apps (think of it like how you switch tab in Google Chrome on iPad)

The sad thing, which I have been criticizing since the day 1 I use Windows 8, is that these 'gesture' will be applicable to Windows 8 for desktop, you can't use finger but the mouse to do those gesture.

To a certain extend, I thought it's Microsoft's subliminal strategy to push people to use tablet.

I will give a quick prediction - I would be glad if I'm right:

1) Windows 8 RT will be big.
2) It will convince even more people to switch to tablet.(and hence, further decline of PC market)
3) It will push the competition of Android OS & iOS further.
4) Microsoft Surface will hit 3 millions sales target this year.
5) 60% of people will dislike Windows 8 (note: Windows 8 & RT are different), or will install the Start button via third party website.

Two major factors for its make-or-break (for its tablet flavour):

i) How Windows Store will be as usable as Google's Play Store & Apple's ITunes? (these stores give major income and most importantly, the reason why people are still stick to the OSes)
ii) Battery life - if it is worse than Android's, then good luck and goodbye.