Verdict: Watching two men with opposite life value (and physical ability) that somehow generate perfect chemistry - this is my French movie of the year, so far.

Based on a true story:

The first man: a person who is very rich, living in high society but who is suffering tetraplegic.
The other man: a person who was jobless, living in poor housing area (that has gangster/drugs and probably prostitution issue) but is physically perfect.

Then they met - jobless one was hired to take care of the rich one.
The jobless one showed thoughts/value that the rich, that he had never experienced/thought before.

Such a conflict, or chemistry was the element that keep the story moving... till the end.

The opening of the movie gave me a blast - it was something nasty, creative and unexpected for.

This movie gave me genuine laughs, one of the example was the sarcasm threw at opera/classical music. (well I still love classical music/opera anyway)

I would call this movie a drama, a comedy, a lesson in life, a true story on how people with different abilities, can compliment each other.

My only complaint is that Driss seemed to be able to settle the gangster issue, way too easily.

But other than that, the movie was near flawless with smooth editing, great acting and ever interesting storyline.

This movie is both motivational and inspirational.

Rating: 9.5/10