Verdict: Take-away from the movie: "When people are afraid, they will do terrible things"
So this film, from the poster itself you can tell it is not those of Pixar quality.

Even though it is the same studio that produced Coraline: the story line, the pace is nowhere near to Coraline's.

This stop-motion film talks about a kid who can see the spirit - it uses the logic that commonly known - those spirits are still around because they have unfinished stuff/affair/mission that they can't let go - who had to use his talent to save the village.

As mentioned earlier, this film has slower pace than Coraline - in fact, this movie can be reduced from 91 minutes to 60 minutes long.

What saves this film from being a bad film, is some genuinely good laughter scenes (I could see it pays tributes to film like Evil Dead) plus some demonstration of human behavior (out of fear, people do things that they don't normally do)

Rating: 6.8/10