Verdict: The most complicated horror movie in my memory

(I only managed to watch the movie recently, but still worth a mention)

This is a horror movie, that paid tributes to Evil Dead franchise (if you ever had a chance, you may wanna give it a watch, gory but lamely funny movies) with a hint of 'Wes Craven'

Just when I thought it's another B-movie, it adds some conspiracy element with a 'hi-tech controlled game environment.'

In the end, this movie is not just anticipating who's next to be killed, but rather what are the surprises and how will the zombies affecting the human in the hi-tech setup.

In the end, the movie didn't fail to impress - it even combined with some 'ancient belief' element that sort of make the movie convincing.

I feel that those incident happened in Germany, Japan & Spain etc could be independent series respectively, too.

It's rare that I watch horror movie, but I didn't regret watching this one.

Rating: 7.5/10