If you wish to know if government has done enough for this country, compare these list of things with your experience five years ago

1) You need water filter to get cleaner water
2) You paid for road tax, but yet you still need to pay for road toll
3) In order to watch F1 or some football matches - you need to subscribe to a satellite TV station
4) With option 3, you can't watch the TV when it rains (Malaysia is a tropical country, just FYI)
5) You start to buy clothes from Thailand or Taiwan, cos you find that they are much more cheaper
6) You use public transport, less than 10 times in the past 5 years, and don't plan to use it in near future
7) You started cooking cos you find it will save hell a lot than dining outside
8) You regretted for not buying a house 5 years ago
9) You own a car, and you spent at least 1/3 of your net income on car loan, maintenance, road tax, fuel & car insurance - and you don't plan to stop using the car in near future
10) You trust online media more than traditional paper or even the police.

If you agree more than 5 points I had mentioned,

Perhaps you might wanna consider again, whether the government has done enough, and will do that enough in the next five years.