When someone is giving you clues that make you even clueless - it's time to try Google Street View

First of all, I've never been to New Zealand, and currently I am in Malaysia.

So my sis is now currently having her holiday in New Zealand - she wanted to find a honey shop that she forgot the name. Her only tips for me:

1) It's opposite Wellington city library
2) It sells manuka honey fudge
3) It's at the corner

She wants me to find out the shop name + street name for her.

With every 10 minutes asking me whether I'm able to find.

That 3 tips only manage to find me the street name, not the shop name.

So, for the first time, I tried out Street View.

I 'strolled' along the street, found the corner - and I found the shop name.

So, it's certified, I'm the living Siri, and my sister liked it.