So this has been my favorite radio station since like 2 years ago?
That's when I was sick of mainstream music on other radio stations, or with only music only station (which I could use Youtube playlist, or something like that)

The morning session, Breakfast Grill, which they will invite some top guns from many companies, be it private, public-listed or even government-sectors.

After the 'grilling' session, 3 DJs will share their opinions on the session.

Though it's very much business related - but it is a good opportunity to expose to ideas/opinions by those top guns.

It is a much neutral radio station, it even report the news covered by The Malaysia Insider, one of the good example is the progress of the Scorpine court case in France.

Thursday Evening Edition is an interesting session - audience are given a chance to call in to give their opinions on specific topics - I called in twice so far :)

Apart from that, BFM has interesting guests, such as Dr. George Lee, a Malaysian who migrated to UK, but chose to come back to serve Malaysia :) (who is also TC's favorite Malaysian Doctor)

One of Evening Editions' DJ, Uma, is an avid reader. So occasionally he will share the opinions on the books he read.

Now, just when you think BFM is all about Business, Mon - Fri 7.30PM will feature interesting sessions such as football talk, and my favorite 33 RPM (Tuesdays & Thursday) which the DJ will intro and play alternative music, ranging from 60's to recent years, that I seldom heard the names before.

There are other things that you might just need to switch to 89.9 channel to get what I mean.

But so far, listening to those talks and the alternative music do make my day :)

I hope this indie radio station will stay, it really is a hidden gem.