Verdict: Thai comedy is a combination of Japanese comical style with Korean superstar style - and hence, surpassing HK comedy's laugh-ability.

(My verdict is really the summary of the movie - this review is more like my opinion on HK movie :P)

I noticed that, the HK comedy movies in the past few years - those that are genuinely funny, are really numbered.

I would say the last memorable one was Shaolin Soccer... but other than that.. none that I could really recall.

The HK comedy nowadays was either not funny, or failed trying to be funny.

That's pathetic - cos I randomly chose to watch HK comedies that were made more than 20 years ago - they were genuinely silly and funny.

Yes, the 無厘頭 element in the movie nowadays is overused that it is no longer funny.

So if you have time, I would recommend to watch these few Thai comedies
1) Suckseed
2) Hello Stranger
3) BTS

If you had, you would know what I mean - Thai movie nowadays is no longer horror movie - those movies that I had mentioned - are a blend of South East Asia's daily life, with the blend of Japanese (exaggerated) comical story telling & some Korean superstar element.

This combo has surpassed HK's Mo Lei Tau element.

One thing that I have to agree - Thai movie's pace is still rather slow, and they tend to be draggy in describing the love conflict situation..

But nevertheless, with not much choices from Singapore (their movie production seemed to have slowed down?) Thai movie (along with French movie) have become our alternatives to English movies.

Back to this movie ATM (争钱斗爱 /  เออรัก..เออเร่อ) It's a story of a couple, fighting their way to solve an ATM issue, which paid the money withdrawers in double the amount.

They had to investigate who took the double amount, and attempted to take back the extra.

So another thing about this movie - since Thailand is just next to Malaysia - the things they mentioned in the film is very close to our daily life - that would possibly explain why my preference.

Rating: 8/10