Kodak is a classic example of having 'technology that is ahead of its time' and 'failed to transform its business at the right time'

- Kodak invented digital camera in year 1975, but mainly because they were still in film business, they thought digital camera would harm their traditional business.

I would say back then the technology might not have matured - that it would have been a very expensive device.

- But come to the digital age, they only introduced their own digital camera in year 2001.

During that time, most of the traditional camera companies had already started or transformed into digital camera business.

- In year 2006, they changed their logo
- Fast forward to earlier this year, they filed for bankruptcy.

Then, today, they announced that they will sell film, commercial scanner and kiosk division.

So, what is Kodak without its core business?

What struck my mind was somewhat superstitious:

For big companies that had changed logo for slightly worse looking, such as HP (looks like a detergent brand), KFC (why is Col. doing 45 degree tilting?), Kodak (for discarding the symbolic 'K' logo)

They are not doing really good.

Since the current Kodak CEO is, coincidentally, from HP, I hope they would sack him like how HP sacked the ex-CEO (for proposing to sell the PC business)

Now, come to the nearest event - Microsoft just changed its logo. I would say it looks much simpler, doesn't  have the 'bold' feel - I do hope it will do good, cos personally, I am still struggling with Windows 8 - Microsoft's most ambitious OS to date.