Me and Sebastian, sitting with big fat Winnie the Pooh
I always think that a bear wearing a shirt is stupid.

I mean, by nature, 'civilization' is not applicable to bear - and what civilization? Use spoon to eat honey?

 To me, bear wearing shirt is the same as this dog wearing this whatever dress.

They tried to look cute but they failed in or by nature.

After all, it is not environmental friendly - when Winnie the Pooh made his (or her? It's a female name if not mistaken???!) shirt dirty, as a result of his take-all-he-can-honey-eating style, he needs water and detergent to wash it.

Clean water is a serious issue in the world now.

That's why, Sebastian and I, by nature, do not wear anything.

Let's imagine the day you enter the zoo, with all the animals wearing shirts.

I am not gonna give you the ticket refund, anyway.

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