Yesterday I left office early (or rather I left on time) then I went to bank to settle something. At the bank I smelled loklok. That made me hungry. So I met up with my brother, we had loklok.

After that we went to buy chatime. I think the bad luck still with me, when I reached home the tea spilled on my shirt (anyway, I was wearing my brother's shirt) and my bag.

My brother told me that I need mandi bunga.

So while having dinner at home, my brother intro me a French movie - Intouchable. It was very funny and nice.

After dinner and my shower, my bro intro me another French movie - Adéle. It was very funny and interesting, too.

I didn't know French movies can be that interesting!

It was 12 something after the movie marathon. But I couldn't sleep!

Luckily my bro still awake and he offered me the Loccitane pillow mist.
I could sleep after that.

Next day my bro complained that he could only sleep at 3am.

We found that It's due to the Chatime.

My bro was pissed and he said next time will only buy Ochado.


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the clown said...

seriously -_-