In the past 2 weeks, I didn't really commit to video editing - reason is simple, it crashes way too often.

First I thought it was due to the version - so I updated to the latest version.

Still, it crashes like joy.

Then I thought it's the laptop's video card driver - updated to the latest version as well.

Crashing is still in its blood.

So I asked my friend Google. It seems the problem lies with my Sony Text Generator and also Media Generator.

Which is true - it was prone to crash whenever I generated a text or blank black media.

So the solution

1) Right click on the vegas110.exe (You can find it under: Program files -> Sony -> Vegas Pro 11.0)
2) Select Properties
3) Make sure the settings are set to those highlighted as follow:

4) Hit OK when all were set.

So running in compatibility mode for Windows 7 did the trick.

I don't know why but at least it works and I was able to finish some work last night.

One thing I noticed though, is that Vegas is now running slower than usual.

But I believe Sony team won't be releasing any more update, as they are focusing on Vegas Pro 12 instead.