Verdict: I just watched another action movie.

After the crazy but fun 8.8 "event" at 1Utama, finally, we managed to catch the movie.

To be frank - I kinda like some of the idea/technology (the 'phone', the Fall) about the future.

But apart from that, in this movie, you will follow the actor, trying to complete the puzzle of his torn memory, + do all the chasing, killing, and most importantly, memory recalling.

The story line is surreal - in fact, the original author of this story is the same as The Adjustment Bureau.

Most importantly, both of the movie are loosely based on the original books.

The problem is this - Adjustment Bureau would want you to think what could be the ending, and the ending didn't disappoint.

But this one is somewhat predictable - it didn't have a lot of explosion scene that can blow your mind away.. and even there were explosions, the hot chick was still able to survive (while the robots 'died')

If you have time, yes, it is still ok to spend RM9-ish on Wednesday, with 2 hours worth of airconditioning (no guarantee that there will be babies crying or phone ringing, but that is another story/blog post for another day)

Also, the consolation prize for Douglas, is that he had two hot ladies at the same time, somewhat, somehow.

Rating: 5.5/10