That was perhaps the worst legacy left by the British before they left. (besides that, we are rather fortunate because they left a rather good parliament, judiciary system, as well as education system to start with)

Now the issue is, the jus soli method left by the British, which was used to divide and conquer different ethnicities back then, was used in even worse manner by the current government.

The result? A very sensitive nation.

After half a century, we are still practising divide and conquer method. We still brand ourselves as Chinese, Malay or indian

People will object or argue when they feel the Malay or Chinese or Indian rights were compromised.

The application forms are racist as well: there's no Malaysian option to select.

We have a privilege system for the majority "race", not minority.

We are a secular country that claims Islam as the official religion, with politicians claiming others for doing great harm on Muslim way of life, while they sit on the wealth from unknown source.

This is a confused nation, but with potential. At least it had great potential.

My summary? Voting for a different party to manage the country, for just 5 years, is worth the try.

By then, you will suddenly realise, you don't need the racial based parties: UMNO, MCA and MIC (in short:racist parties) to unite and run the nation.

They will suddenly become irrelevant.