"Just so you know, at this point of time the 45% of the air contains oxygen. That's more than double of what we have in present time. That's why you feel energetic now.

I suspected that's the reason why everything on earth now is big. Be it human, and the animals that we later brand them as dinosaurs."

Benjamin mentioned the mindblowing theory as the ship slowly landed on huge crater.

"FYI this island is actually a big spaceship. That's why it is floating. Over the years it accumulated soils etc, hence the trees and etc."

Benjamin added as they walked out of the time machine.

"But why floating?" Timothy was puzzled.

"I guess this is easier for them to leave with no trace on earth as they left. They left around 355B.C. but of course I don't know the reason. But this explains why scientist were unable to locate Atlantis, but Plato had seen it before around 360B.C." Benjamin further explained his theory.

Suddenly, the ground started shaking. Not far from them a huge object was running towards them, with another huge object chasing at the back.

"Shit. They are doing dino hunting again! Run! To that cave!"  Benjamin pulled Timothy's hand and started running to a cave nearby.

"What dino hunting?!!" Timothy was apparently totally unprepared for.

"The giant human loves to hunt dinosaur. Just like how we love to hunt deer!" Benjamin answered when they arrived at the cave.