This is what I have observed, when I revisit Earth again after 20 years.

Now I see more human wearing something stuck into thier ears. They call it 'earphone'. Technology has advanced it seems, with them able to make phone call using that headphone.

The device has also become smaller.

That device (20 years ago human called it walkman, but now: smartphone) is something they concentrate on whenever they are free.

They look at the screen, reading news and they have this thing called 'facebook' - which they use to find out what others are doing, any interesting photos. If they find it interesting, they can press the 'like' button or share it. No 'dislike' button, though.

It seems human forgot about self-improvement.

Even the couples or family members are doing that: in the train, in the car, in the park, in the shopping complex, during reunion dinner

In short, more than 80% of them stop talking to each other, using mouth. (they prefer to use sms or whatsapp)

(by the way, I tried to use a smartphone called Samsung Galaxy S3 but failed. Designed for human, they said.)

With this smartphone, human nowadays take photo before they eat. Not the photo of themselves but the food.

My conclusion is as such: in less than 3 years, we can take over the Earth. First thing to do is to hack into Facebook, start spreading propaganda to make human believe that we are friendly.

Most importantly, we will encourage them to stop talking to each other using mouth.

Then before we wipe out human, we disable the sharing function of facebook.

In this way, human can only like our action. (no 'dislike' button, in case you forgot) And since they can't talk, they can only type (on whatsapp etc). The 'send' button will be hacked as well:  when they press 'send', they will trigger the human self destruction function.

We will have a clean Earth before we arrive.
Not so clean, cos animal don't use facebook or 'send' button

P/S: I've done a simulation on how the human will react on facebook, on the day we wish to take over. (I love how they could only 'Like' our arrival)

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