While breathing hard in the cave, both of them saw something that overturned Benjamin's theory: the dinosaur was actually a pet of the giant. It was actually the dinosaur that was chasing the giant.

When the giant couldn't run anymore, they saw the giant hugging the dinosaur, while it kept licking his face.

"Ew... Just like a dog!" Timothy and Benjamin said simultaneously.

Just when they think whether they should take a rest, a big grooling sound came from their back: the wall of the cave moved!

Next another giant came out, apparently shouting at the other one outside: probably asking them to shut up

"I'm glad someone asked them to stop. Things just got gigantically disgusting when they are big" Benjamin had enough of the scene, apparently

"Why don't we enter this cave? I wanna know what's inside!" Timothy looked curiously at the light coming out from the "door"

"And we need to move now before the door closes"

As they entered the cave, they were shocked at the sight: giants of different sizes are in big glass tubes separately. Still breathing.

"This island is a camouflaged lab!" whispered Timothy. "Look at just what we have seen!"