Verdict: As a film that seems talking about ordinary and mundane life, its not the case when you know the background of each and every characters 

This is a Canadian film (in French) about an Algerian refugee faking as a replacement for a teacher, after the latter was found hung in the classroom. (i.e. suicide)

30 minutes into the film, I felt many things were explained - but I was shocked that I was able to absorb that much without a sign of tiredness.

Mr. Lazhar's intention to fake as teaher still remains a mystery for me (he previously ran a restaurant) but from the film it seems he likes children, and perhaps, after he lost all his family in Algeria, this acts as his solace.

But from not having a clue to teach, till he has closer interaction with the students: this is where the film delivers the essence - how he can help the students to forget about the past (for they are still having classes in the very same classroom where the previous teacher hang herself) and how, at the same time, Mr Lazhar needs to forget his past too, and, at the same time, fighting for his refugee status.

It does seem like an ordinary film but the last scene touched me: he smartly gave his farewell using a short story, and only one student smart enough to know that this was his goodbye.

Rating: 8/10