"Look at the labels" Benjamin pointed at the labels on each and every glass tube "though I don't understand their language, but I believe it means the percentage of oxygen in the air, and its effects on human. Look at the last one, that human looks exactly like us"

"Can I boldly suggest that, because they are still fine tuning the oxygen level, this indirectly caused the extinctions of dinosaur on earth, and subsequently, the evolution of the animal?" Timothy seemed enlightened.

"Well, you may never know. This lab is creeping me out, man. Let's move on and discover other areas"

The rest of the area are filled with different kind of experiments: dinosaur that dying on the floor (that seems to be caused by lack of oxygen), two dog-sized squirrels that were fighting for foods, and lastly a human-sized rooster that was flying.

"Quite sickening isn't it this lab. Let's get out of here man."

Both of them found their way out, and headed back to their time machine.