After having a hot shower with delicious dinner, Timothy chatted with Benjamin.
"What did you mean by I'm on the wrong timeline? Isn't this timeline when human starts to evolve?"

"Well, you really have to hold your breath till tomorrow to know more. What I can tell you is that, we will time travel to 7 millions years ago." Benjamin replied.

"And rest assured, this ship has flying function so you can choose to land on a sea or mountain." Benjamin added with sarcasm.

The next day when Timothy woke up, the ship was already moving.

Asked where were they, Benjamin said "We had already arrived at 7 million years ago. But we are flying to Atlantis."

"Atlantis? I thought it's a myth? And what has it gotta do with human evolution?" Timothy was curious.

"It all started from there. Not Africa. All the humans, or I should say: giants are from there." Benjamin was apparently speaking like its just another normal day.

Benjamin added "The truth is human was from outer space. At least I witness them shipping these giants to here about 100 years earlier from this timeline. It was such a risky discovery as I was chased by their mothership, almost captured by them."

Suddenly a huge floating island appeared in front of them.

"Here we are. Welcome to Atlantis"