Back to the ship, they travelled back to where they came.from: they had no intention to discover that island anymore after the eerie discovery.

"So how am I supposed to travel back to where I came from? My ship is screwed." Timothy whined.

"Well, this ship has spare parts, I hope they can be any helpful." Just as Benjamin finishes his words, he deployed a tiny robot that starts transporting the parts from a room, to his ship and started repairing.

While repairing was in progress, they went on to explore the world as of 2.3Ma.

"Come to think about it, the Atlantis must have still exist during this time, and I'm sure they are still decreasing the oxygen level in the air. What can be the real reason?" Benjamin curiously asked.

"I don't know but, imagine everything is big, this world would have been out of food ages ago, before we were born" Timothy said

"Well that seems legit. Look at that barbarian, he looks so much different from our look." Benjamin responded.

When Timothy's time machine was fixed, Benjamin mentioned that he needs to go first.

Just before they waved goodbye, Timothy noticed the wording "Frank Enterprise" at the door.

"Hey is Frank your surname? Cos It's mine, too!" Timothy shouted out of surprise, as the door closes.

"You are right grandpa. It's nice to see you in person. Keep up your good work so that we will meet again in the future!" Benjamin gave his last word in 2.3Ma, then the ship ascended and disappeared.