Eventually Timothy chose to travel to 2.3 millions years ago. He wanted to understand what enlightened the human ancestor to start using stone tool.

Just when he worried as the time machine started (that he chose the virgin trip to such a distance) what he saw in front was: he was in the middle of the sky, freefalling unto a forest.

"oh shit, my housing area was a lowland 2.3 millions years ago!"

The time machine fell thru the trees, dropped onto a river.

Luckily enough, the river was not that deep. Eventually the machine "landed" at the riverside.

Timothy examined the damage, "damn, it seemed I'm gonna stuck here forever!" However as the sky turned darker, he decided to look for food while discovering the area nearby.

That was quite a savage land, he heard big yelling from the field nearby: there he saw a "man" chasing a big sized deer with his hammer-like tool, made from stone.

Just as he wanted to avoid that cruel sight, a voice from the back gave him a great shock.

"what are you doing here? There's nothing to see and nothing to eat!"

Timothy turned to his back: a slim-sized man in tight costume stared at him curiously.

"Who are you?" asked Timothy

"I'm Benjamin, from year 2153 A.D." said the slim guy