Timothy was on the train, thinking about the event that will take place tomorrow: his girl friend Natalia, will use the time machine that he made to undo an accident that left a scar on her face

A lady standing next to him giggled, Timothy had a peek and saw that she was amused by the text sent to her phone.

"Must be the boyfriend whom she just knew. How sweet and I wonder if I get the chance to amuse Natalia again" Timothy thought.

After the "giggled" trip, the poker-faced Timothy reached home feeling restless.
Just before he wanted to take a nap, the saw the Bible at his bedside.

He thought about one of the chapters: Genesis.

"What if I go back to the past, to witness the origin of human and other stuffs?" Timothy jumped out from his bed, took out his encyclopaedia to read how far he needs to travel.