After more than a year since Tim Cook works as a CEO, the critics are mixed.

But I have only one question: in the past one year, does he look like, or did Apple make him a cult followers' figure?

Not really.

Now that is worrying - cos this was what Steve extremely successful at. He made Apple products seem magical.

Looking at the products lately, iPad mini can be replaced with Nexus 7 with similar battery performance, Nexus 4 is like iPhone 5 at half price.

It is true, Google has been catching up lately. The user experience has been consistently good and reviews showed that Nexus 4 has pretty good battery life: which has always been my buying point for a smartphone, I.e. to have good battery life to enjoy its features.

Further more, iPad mini and iPhone 5 come with the Apple Maps: the map that has been pain in the ass for Apple and its users

As of just now, it is still showing the lake nearby my house as a lake supposedly 30km away from my house.

If iPhone 6 or iPad 5 is not something that is truly revolutionary, that's the best time for you to sell their shares. If you have any.