It was midnight.

More 100 containers arrived at the port. The workers helped to unload the containers from the ship - they are all guarded by a team of armed forces

Lastly, the armed forces escorted the containers to a storage house nearby.


This is a true story that just happened. It was not drug smuggling that you see in the movie.

It was definitely not human trafficking.

It was just police forces helping to escort the rare earth ore to the Lynas plant.

If you want to read the full story, you can go here

Let's try to flashback a bit - in my experience, I didn't see police escorting the cash delivery/collection at the ATM machine.

I didn't see police forces guarding Poh Kong jewelers shops

I don't think police forces would guard raw material for gold from the port to the plants.

Safely to say, I don't think police forces would have ever escorted the raw material for the Nestle Milo that you and I drink everyday.

So why the double standard?

What about street crime and robbery that happens at ordinary citizen's house. which is their official duty?

Look, this happened while anti-Lynas coalition Himpunan Hijau is holding a 300km march from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur.

This rare earth ore is definitely something that Malaysian citizens do not want.

In short, we are double-screwed:

1) The police forces were helping to escort some raw material containers, instead of protecting citizen's safety (which is already at disturbing state)
2) Our delegate (i.e. the government) spent our hard-earned tax money to deploy police forces for such unwanted escort, because we had mentioned many times to this very delegate that we DO NOT WANT RARE EARTH PLANT.

Or put it this way, we had just spent our (tax) money to screw ourselves.

It will definitely happen again, in another form.