"I came here for scientific research on the change of sea level, how about you?" Said Benjamin. "I've been following you since you and your, time machine fell from the sky. So my guess was: you need food and a ride"

"I came here out of random and curiosity. I thought I can witness the evolution of human. But it seems I screwed the whole plan and I'm gonna stay here forever" whined Timothy.

"Hahaha! Witnessing the evolution of human? You are on the wrong timeline! I'll tell you more later. For now, let's go to my ship to get some food." Benjamin responded.

While walking to Benjamin's ship, Timothy asked "So since you came from the future of my time, tell me how is it like?"

"We experienced third world war in year 2099 because of the water. That changes everything: after that war, rain, river and sea water are no longer safe to consume. All the drinking water need to go thru distillation process. All the food and meat are grown in the lab."

"Growing meat in the lab?" Asked Timothy.

"Yes, with cloning technology, you don't need farm. Kobe beef can be grown in less than 30minutes", answered Benjamin

So they have arrived at where the ship was parked: a floating-on-the-air ship that is as large as half a football field.