Verdict: Remove your expectation on gadgets, this film completes the reboot trilogy of Bond movies, with more to expect in next episode.

So finally, Bond movie series has evolved into a different Bond started by Sean Connery. Daniel Craig's version is more cold blooded, however prone to emotional breakdown (evident in Casino Royale and this installment) - and hence more realistic as a human (or failed as a spy?)

The trademark Bond-movie-opening was interesting enough to keep me going for the next 2 hours.

Towards the end, to be frank, I found it quite ridiculous that Bond & M drove all the way to Scotland to wait for the villain - which they could easily solve all the disasters in London.

Perhaps, it is a subliminal message of how much English dislike Scottish (very evident when Bond set off liquid gas bombs, while claiming "I've never liked this place!")

If you ignore those little flaws (impossible to find flawless action movies nowadays!) there are still several wow-factor in this film.

Not to forget, this film is filled with British humours that can give you some laughs in this long movie.

It is good to see the full lineup of all the essential team member in original Bond movies (M, Q & Moneypenny), now it is up to the production team on how to deliver the next episode of Bond, equipped with gadgets.

Rating: 7.5/10