*This post is potentially sexist*

My friend, who's a Malaysian but not raised in Malaysia, found and concluded that many girls in KL are materialistic.

(Actually, I guess people living in big city tend to be materialistic, no?)

But some even to the extend that, they only look for good prospectus candidates, such as banker, lawyer, doctors etc

(That, will become unfair to the non-highly-ranked-professional workers)

What's worse, there are girls who don't look pretty, both external and internally.

Yet they demanded high quality boyfriend.

(Ok, it's a nature of human to be ambitious)

But that will only make those capable guys into 'exploitation mode', they exploited (very likely to be, sex) and they make the girl 'disposable'

Because there'll always be the next girl who can offer the same thing (or service?) because of his 'capability'

(This, looks like a bad cycle)

So I started to understand how the nickname such as "bitch", "whore", "bastard" can be applied.

Bottom line: Ask Yourself What You Can Offer To Others In Love And Not What Others Can Offer To You.