Yesterday I got couple of dreams.

First I dreamed that I was playing parachuting.

It was really fun

Second one - I was in a Facebook like network - somehow I got to know my friend is owing money. Then the loan shark was looking for me as I'm the friend.

Third one was the one that woke me up. I was facing an old tree, without much leaves.

Somehow, the tree was 'approaching me'.

There's a big hole in the middle of the tree. As it approaches me, I saw there's a person staring at me inside the hole.

I opened up my eyes and felt scared.

Then I also somehow felt that the chair in my room was approaching me. (and I'm afraid that suddenly an object would appear on the chair, staring at me)

This is when I fully awoke and wasted an hour of sleeping time.


First: Yesterday, I was discussing with my friend about high end outdoor activities
Second: Actually, my friend still owes me money, with my wallet left with few notes, so subconsciously, I wanted the money back :P
Third: There's a neighbour passed away few days ago, the ceremony is still on-going.

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syun said...

I bet it must be a looong dream..And what an interesting analysis..