In my previous post, I reviewed about the pillow mist.

This time, I'd like to talk about the essential oil - used for oil burner.

L'Occitane's cost RM70 while The Body Shop's cost RM55. (as of Feb 09, LOL)

In fact both product shouldn't be reviewed together.

Because L'Occitane's can really aid to sleep better (with AOC Lavender essential oil)

The Body Shop, on the other hand - probably the promoter listened to my request badly (or I mentioned it badly) introduced me the essential oil to - purify.

Testing had been done to me and my sister, we both didn't sleep quite well with The Body Shop's.

Yes, the word 'Gently Purity' said it all.

Searching in google returned the result that they have 'Deep Sleep' essential oil.

But since the effect wasn't that good for their pillow mist range (I have 'Deep Sleep' pillow mist)
So I shall rest my case.

Again, L'Occitane wins again, the extra RM15 premium is really worth it and if you are ok with lavender smell (I didn't quite like it, initially), go for it.

L'Occitane AOC Lavender Essential Oil - 5/5
The Body Shop Gently Purify Essential Oil - 2/5 (though, it could be a mistake by the staff)